We pride ourselves on communicating with our clients and providing quality products in a professional and timely manner.  With over 29 years in the business, we have developed a huge network of sources to track down hard to find products and provide you with top dollar offers for your used computer hardware.


Oracle T5-4 Oracle T5-4 server with 4x 3.6GHz 16-core SPARC T5 processors, 256Gb memory, 2x 600Gb disk drives $9,900
Oracle T5-2 Oracle T5-2 server with 1x 3.6GHz 16-core SPARC T5 processor, 128Gb memory, 2x 600Gb disk drives $2995
Oracle T5-2 Oracle T5-2 server with 2x 3.6GHz 16-core SPARC T5 processors, 512Gb memory, 2x 600Gb disk drives $4700
Oracle S7-2 Oracle S7-2 2U server with 2x 4.7 8-core SPARC V9 processors, 256Gb memory, 2x 600Gb disk drives $15995
Sun T3-4 Sun T3-4 server with 4x 1.65GHz 16-core Sparc T3 processors, 256Mb memory, 2x 300Gb disk drives $995
Dell R720xd Dell R720xd  server with 2x E5-2650 2.0GHz 8-core processors16Gb memory, 12x 3.5 inch + 2x 2.5 inch drive bays $250

Looking for a Part?

Looking for a Part? We also sell network switches and routers, server and workstation motherboards and cpu processors, server and workstation power supplies as well as add-in cards such as host bus adapters (HBA), Ethernet cards (NIC), network adapters, graphic accelerators, RAID and PERC controller cards, solid state disk drives (SSD), hard disk drives, DVDs, CDRoms, LTO, DAT and 4mm tape drives. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get it for you.

Conditions & Warranty

Data Instruments is a computer hardware reseller only. Data Instruments does not sell software. The Buyer is responsible for obtaining all necessary software and licenses. The Buyer is also responsible for any and all VAT, sales and use taxes and shipping costs.

All products are sold in good working and cosmetic condition unless noted. Refund or replacement warranties vary per product and typically range from 14 days to 1 year unless sold “AS IS”. All defective product must be returned prior to replacement or payment refund. Please confirm warranty length and details with your sales representative.

Data Instruments is NOT an authorized reseller for any manufacturer. Barco, Dell, HPE, Oracle and all other manufacturer names, associated products and model names are the trademarked property of their respective companies.

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