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Data Instruments purchases large and small quantities of used IT hardware of all types. We buy servers, workstations, network switches, routers, medical monitors and displays, DCS, Intel processors, computer memory, laptops, iPads, Host Bus Adapters, NIC cards, barcode scanners, mobile devices, solid state and disk drives. We’ll send payment to you, to your favorite vendor, or direct purchase and ship whatever you are in need of, IT related or not.

We Provide

  • Data center take-outs
  • Pre-payment
  • On-site asset inventory
  • De-installation
  • Data destruction
  • Disk drive wiping
  • Recycling, packing and shipping
  • Department level trade-ins

Ready to get started?

Please complete the form and send us a spreadsheet or list of your hardware using the upload link and we’ll send you a quote. Manufacturers, Model Numbers, Part Numbers and Quantities are all helpful information.

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